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When Darkness Seeps In

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The darkest evils are the ones that seep into our lives uninvited, preying on our humanity and leaving behind permanent stains of hopelessness that turn our realities into our nightmares. In this mini-anthology of short stories, author Jumata Emill Jones offers up four harrowing tales of suspense featuring ordinary people, living ordinary lives that are forever changed after they are touched by some of the most menacing evils.

A mother discovers trying to change her son only invited something more sinister into her home, and an ambitious reporter walks in on more than he can handle when he decides to track down a serial killer. One man’s family is haunted by an evil so diabolical it had to be disguised in the most innocent of packages, and a young couple learns the hard way why taking shortcuts down Mississippi highways can be deadly.

Jones’ "When Darkness Seeps In" also gives readers their first peak at his sophomore effort, "The Eternal Sphinxman," due out in the fall of 2012.

After reading this e-book, you will be forever haunted by its characters, and the horrors they face when they are forced to take on the twisted evils they never saw coming.


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