Rewind Find of the Day

Here is an archive of the Rewind Find of the Day, which represents some of the best books we’ve found at WeekinRewind.  Please read through them all and find yourself a great book.







3 Responsesto “Rewind Find of the Day”

  1. LC Evans says:

    This is a nice site with a lot of good books. Thank you for helping readers find so many great books. I’ve read your find of the day—Take the Monkeys and Run. It’s very funny and I love the characters. Now I’m planning to read Citizen Insane, the second in the Barbara Marr mystery series.

  2. JC Phelps says:

    I’ve read Take the Monkeys and Run, too. I really enjoyed it and have the next one, Citizen Insane on my TBR list. I can hardly wait to get to it!

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