Welcome to the new WeekinRewind.com, which has changed its branding to become a site that offers a daily dose of the week’s best free and bargain books on the Kindle.  We’re happy to have you here.

We now are three months into the redesigned site and have seen rapid growth in the number of hits we receive and also the growing numbers of fans we have on Facebook and Twitter.  There are a lot of Kindle readers out there!  We are here to find undiscovered books for you, which are either free or an absolute bargain.

Via our authors who visit the site, there also will be many, many giveaways for your Kindle as they want to get their book into your hands and start to spread word-of-mouth.  Please look forward for that.

Authors who would like to promote their products here, please click the advertising link.  All the information you need is there.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at weekinrewind@aol.com.

For those who remember the old WeekinRewind.com, the movie-related material may be gone, but the significant giveaways are absolutely not gone.  Soon, we’ll be unveiling our first major giveaway, which we promise to be significant. So, please stay tuned for that.

And, again, welcome!




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  1. Barbara Brodsky says:

    i Joined our Facebook Fan Page and subscribed to our email blast!

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